The Effect of A Fit Between Regulatory Focus and Advertisement Message on Consumer’s Perception of Waiting Time: A Lab Experiment

Document Type : Quantitative Research Paper


1 Department of Business Management, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran Tehran Iran

2 Department of Business Management, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


In this research, the effect of the fit between the individual's regulatory focus and advertisement message on perceived waiting time and waiting time satisfaction was examined for the first time using an experimental research methodology.
In order to examine the hypothesis, individuals’ regulatory focus was first manipulated. Then, participants were experienced a waiting condition. During the waiting time, they saw a series of advertisements that were matched/mismatched with their regulatory focus. Then, their waiting time perception was measured through direct questions. Finally, the effect of regulatory fit between the advertising message and the individual's regulatory focus on waiting time perception was examined.
The research method is in the form of a laboratory experiment. The study population included all individuals aged between 18 and 60 years old who had been notified through study announcements. Data collection method was based on the presence of participants in the Business Research Lab. The data was analyzed using linear regression and with the use of SPSS software. The sampling method was random. The sample size was equal to 101.
The results of the study supported the hypothesis. Participants in the fit conditions had significantly lower perceptions of waiting time compared ton nonfit conditions.